Therapeutic Phlebotomy

What is therapeutic phlebotomy?

Some individuals require withdrawal of blood for treatment of a medical condition. Some conditions require a doctor’s prescription for therapeutic phlebotomy. Other conditions may require enrollment into a special program with or without a doctor’s prescription.

What diseases are treated with therapeutic phlebotomy?

Polycythemia vera, secondary polycythemia, porphyria cutanea tarda. Other diseases which may benefit from therapeutic phlebotomy can be ordered per individual doctor discretion. A discussion with a Carter BloodCare medical director may be needed in special circumstances.

How often can therapeutic phlebotomy be performed?

Depending on your condition, therapeutic phlebotomy may be performed a few times a year or every two to eight weeks.

How do I make an appointment for a therapeutic phlebotomy?

Therapeutic phlebotomy appointments are currently offered at all Carter BloodCare donor centers. For details on which program you are eligible to enroll in, please call 817-412-5308.