Host a Blood Drive

Every drive makes a difference

When you host a blood drive, you’re saving hundreds of Texans at a time.

Hosting a blood drive is a unique and rewarding way for your group to support the local community. Blood drives promote public health, engage the community, and make blood donation accessible to potential donors who might not give otherwise. Let us know if you are interested in serving as a Volunteer Drive Coordinator, the point person for organizing your group’s blood drive.

Interested in hosting a blood drive?
Your Blood Drive Consultant will work with you to schedule, plan, and promote your blood drive. Blood drives can take place in conference rooms, gymnasiums, and similar inside locations or, we can bring our mobile donor coach to you! You’ll receive custom marketing materials and your donors will receive access to easily make appointments online. Our team is available to share materials and tips with you as you plan your drive.
Prepare for a successful drive

Our team will provide everything you need from start to finish to host a successful blood drive. Below are a few tips to guide you through the hosting process and reference our Drive Coordinator Toolkit for additional tools.

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Set a Goal

Identify those in your group who are interested in donating blood to determine a goal for your drive.

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Plan Strategically & Promote

Alongside your Carter BloodCare consultant, begin working on the details of your drive. Using the signs, emails and more found in our toolkit, let your neighbors and fellow Texans know how they can donate blood at your drive.

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Help Donors Sign Up

Reach out to interested donors and have them sign up for a time slot. Of course, walk-ins are always welcome, too.

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Give as a Group

Donating as a group can make the experience more exciting. Brainstorm with your team on ways to make your drive even more fun!

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Show your Appreciation

We’ll provide a recognition item to each donor but the best way to thank donors who take time to save lives is to share how much it means to you.

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We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions during the process, your Carter BloodCare consultant is ready to guide you and give you everything you need to ensure a successful blood drive.

Dedicated Coordinator Rewards
Host blood drives and earn points

Get rewarded for hosting blood drives! Drive Coordinators can earn points for hosting a drive, meeting your drive goals and more. These points are redeemable in the new Dedicated Coordinator Rewards store for e-gift cards and other great items. Sign up to host a drive today and start earning points.

Share the need

Our toolkit is filled with materials made for you to share with your coworkers, neighbors and more to encourage them to join you and donate blood.

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Student Involvement
Learn how you can save lives as a student.

Visit our students page to find out how students can save lives through blood donation! Learn more about the steps of the blood donation process, the benefits of donating, student programs, grant opportunities, and how to get your school involved.