Directed Donation

What is a directed donation?

Directed donation is a blood donation made by a friend or family member who is approved to donate for a specific patient.

Are directed donor units safer than community donors?

All blood products are equally tested per FDA guidelines.

Who is eligible to become a direct donor?

Directed donations require the ordering physician’s signature on the Carter BloodCare Request for Directed Donation, and the patient must provide and approve the names of the directed donors.

How far in advance of the patient’s procedure should I donate?

The donation must be scheduled between 5 and 14 days before the intended date of use for the patient.

Does a directed donation have a fee?

A directed donor handling fee applies.

How do I make an appointment to donate?

Once the procedure has been approved, the special donations department will facilitate the scheduling of this appointment. Walk-ins will not be accepted for directed donations.