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Granulocytes Donation

What is a granulocyte donation?

Granulocytes are a type of white blood cell and they are only collected upon a physician’s request for a specific patient need.

What is the function of granulocytes?

A granulocyte is a type of immune cell that acts as defense against invading microorganisms. More specifically, neutrophils, a type of granulocyte cell, are very important in fighting bacterial infections.

Why would someone need a granulocyte donation?

Granulocytes can be life-saving for patients with poor bone marrow function after cancer treatment or transplantation. Additionally, some patients with certain blood disorders that cause poor white blood cell function can also potentially benefit from granulocyte transfusions.

Granulocytes are usually reserved for patients with severely decreased or non-functioning neutrophils (bacteria-fighting immune cells) and life-threatening bacterial or fungal infection not responding to standard treatment. Typically, patients who need granulocyte transfusions are very sick and are in the hospital.