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R0 Subtype

R0 blood: Finding the match

All blood donations are matched for the ABO group – which determines whether blood is A, B, O or AB – and Rh group, which determines positive or negative blood type.

R0 is part of this Rh group. It simply indicates blood with a certain combination of genes. Just like eye or hair color, the genes that determine your blood type are inherited from your parents.

R0 donors are in high demand – there is a constant patient need for R0 blood.


To best help patients in need, the available blood supply must reflect the diversity of our community.



44% of Black/African American people and 17% of Hispanic Americans have the R0 blood type.

Importance of R0 to people with sickle cell disease

R0 donors are in demand to help patients living with sickle cell disease, an inherited blood disorder that causes distorted, sickle-shaped red cells. These blood cells cannot properly transport oxygen throughout the body, which can cause anemia.

About 100,000 Americans have sickle cell disease (SCD). Black/African American people make up 90% of the U.S. population with SCD; people of Hispanic, South Asian, Southern European and Middle Eastern ancestry are also impacted by SCD.

Benefits of R0 blood

Sickle cell patients may require continual blood transfusions throughout their lifetime. Matching R0 blood can provide SCD patients with benefits such as pain reduction, stroke prevention, increased life expectancy, and enhanced quality of life.

How you can help today

Regularly donating blood is a safe, powerful way to give back to your community. Whole blood can be donated every 56 days. Schedule your appointment now.