Specialty blood products allow Carter BloodCare to meet the unique needs of each patient.


Granulocytes prepared by apheresis are indicated for a very limited use. The Transfusion Facility must discuss use of this component with the Carter BloodCare Medical Services and Clinical Apheresis departments in order to coordinate collection. Granulocytes expire 24 hours after collection. Call 817-412-5740 and ask to speak to the medical director on call or page directly (817) 482-9446.

Reconstituted Whole Blood

Reconstituted whole blood is used for neonatal exchange transfusions and for specific pediatric surgical cases.

  • Available 24/7, Fresh, Irradiated, washed, CMV negative, Sickle-hemoglobin negative, and RBC antigen negative as needed.

Irradiated Blood Products

Patients at risk for developing graft-versus-host disease should receive irradiated cellular components. These patients include severely immunocompromised patients, hematopoieticprogenitor cell transplant candidates and recipients, patients undergoing intrauterine transfusions, recipients of donor directed components from a blood relative of the recipient, and donors selected for HLA compatibility by typing or crossmatching.

Volume Reduction

Removal of excess donor plasma from cellular components (RBCs & platelets) is indicated in selected patients who cannot tolerate the full volume or in patients with a history of some transfusion reactions.Approximately 10% of cells are lost in this process and the extra centrifugation step may cause some platelet activation and loss of function. Volume reduced platelets expire within 4 hours and volume reduced RBCs expire within 24hrs.

Deglycerolized Red Blood Cells

RBCs may be frozen for up to 10 years if their antigen makeup is considered ‘rare’ or for other special reasons. When a transfusion service requests antigen negative blood not found in liquid units, frozen units may be available. Through a process of deglycerolization, the cells are thawed and suspended in saline for transfusion. Deglycerolized RBCs expire within 24 hours.

CMV Seronegative

CMV seronegative cellular components are provided upon request. Both leukoreduced blood and CMV sero-negative blood have a reduced risk of transmitting CMV infection through transfusion.

Hemoglobin S Negative

Hemoglobin S negative red blood cells are provided upon request.The primary use of Hemoglobin S negative RBCs is to provide blood for transfusion to patients with abnormal hemoglobins without increasing their risk for sickling.

Washed Products

Patients with severe life threatening plasma allergies uncontrolled by medications or volume reduction may require use of washed RBCs and platelets. Washed RBC and Platelet units are suspended in saline, with very little plasma proteins remaining. Washed RBCs expire within 24 hours. The washing process severely impairs the recovery and function of platelets. Washed platelets expire within 4 hours.

Buffy Coats

Buffy Coats, or Leukocytes, are used in manufacturing transfer factor and research.They may also be used for transfusion of life saving leukocytes to babies with severe infections. Buffy coats must be transfused within 24 hours. After the plasma is expressed, a “white line” of concentrated white blood cells is left behind. Those concentrated white blood cells are expressed into a separate bag and labeled “For Manufacturing Use Only.”

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