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Lend an arm to help mothers in need of lifesaving blood

This Mother’s Day, Carter BloodCare urges Texans to give for maternity and pediatric patients

BEDFORD, TEXAS (May 8, 2023) – Blood donation can be crucial for ensuring the well-being of a mother following complications during childbirth.

In recognition of Mother’s Day on May 14, Carter BloodCare is encouraging residents to give blood to support mothers and their newborn children.

Hemorrhaging during delivery can lead to severe anemia, and a transfusion is a critical lifesaver for replacing the patient’s lost blood.   

In the United States, blood transfusions are needed in one out of every 83 maternity deliveries.

Texas mom Emily Linville received transfusions during both deliveries of her two sons.

“Had it not been for the lifesaving blood from a donor, I would have bled to death,” Emily said.

Amy Prideaux experienced life-threatening pregnancy complications. At 30 weeks, she was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section and delivery of twins. During a seven-hour surgery, Amy received more than 50 units of blood.

Amy’s newborn daughters also required transfusions.

“I didn’t see them until three days after they were born,” she said. “The twins were in the NICU for three months.”

For Emily, Amy and so many mothers and moms-to-be, Texas blood donors are local lifesavers.

Area residents can give at a nearby Carter BloodCare blood drive or donor center. To schedule an appointment to save lives, call Carter BloodCare at 800-366-2834, or visit and click the Donate Now tab.

As a special thank-you gift, each Carter BloodCare donor will receive a brand-new cooler lunch bag, while supplies last.

To read more of Emily’s and Amy’s stories, visit

About Carter BloodCare

Carter BloodCare is an independent, community blood center providing transfusion resources to more than 200 medical facilities in 50-plus counties of North, Central and East Texas. The nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is one of the largest blood programs in Texas, delivering more than 440,000 blood products annually to meet hospitals’ requirements for their patients. Services include collection, processing, specialized laboratory testing, storage and distribution of blood and blood products.

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