FAQs on vaccines and blood donation

America’s Blood Centers (ABC) — the national organization of community-based, independent blood centers — has shared an informative Q&A on vaccinations and the blood supply: “Frequently Asked Questions: COVID Vaccines and Blood Donation.”

Every day, Americans require blood transfusions for massive bleeding injuries, severe trauma, organ transplants, open heart surgeries and sickle cell anemia, among many health care needs.

Maintaining a safe, available blood supply is vital, as is providing accurate information for donors and recipients. As answered in this FAQ, the U.S. blood supply is safe and COVID vaccines do not transfer from a blood donor to a transfusion recipient.

Read or download the FAQ below:

About America’s Blood Centers

Founded in 1962, America’s Blood Centers is the national organization bringing together community-based, independent blood centers. Its member organizations operate more than 600 blood collection sites providing close to 60 percent of the U.S. and a quarter of the Canadian blood supply. These blood centers serve more than 150 million people and provide blood products and services to more than 3,500 hospitals and health care facilities across North America. All ABC U.S. members are licensed and regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For more information, visit AmericasBlood.org.

About Carter BloodCare

Carter BloodCare is an independent, community blood center providing transfusion resources to more than 200 medical facilities in 50-plus counties of North, Central and East Texas. The nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is one of the largest blood programs in Texas, delivering more than 440,000 blood products annually to meet hospitals’ requirements for their patients. Services include collection, processing, specialized laboratory testing, storage and distribution of blood and blood products.
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