U.S. blood & platelet donations needed to help Americans affected by Hurricane Ian

As Category 4 hurricane makes landfall in Florida, donors across the United States are urged to give blood and platelets

Carter BloodCare strongly urges all eligible individuals to schedule a blood or platelet donation as soon as possible to help maintain a stable supply in coming days. The need for donations is urgent in response to Hurricane Ian, which made landfall as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 28, in Florida.

The need for platelets is especially urgent, since they have a limited shelf life of five to seven days, and the expected severity and duration of Hurricane Ian will likely impact large sections of the southeastern United States.

O negative blood is also urgent. As the universal blood type, O negative can be used to treat any patient in critical need, regardless of their individual blood types. O negative also is the only blood type that is used for treating premature babies and those still in their mother’s womb.

Disruptions in blood collections and transportation challenges across Florida and the Southeast will likely drain low blood supplies, especially in affected areas.

Carter BloodCare and other U.S. blood centers are already supporting blood collection organizations in Florida. On Monday, Sept. 26, Carter BloodCare proactively shipped 30 units of O+ blood to our colleagues at SunCoast Blood Centers in Sarasota, Florida to fulfill anticipated hospital requests.

In this natural disaster emergency, donating blood is a powerful way to support fellow Americans in need across Florida and the southeastern United States.

Blood centers must have a readily available blood supply on the shelves in the event of emergencies. When time is critical, having blood available is lifesaving. Without blood and platelet donations, lives could be at risk.

Donors can schedule a time to help our fellow Americans in need by giving blood or platelets at a nearby Carter BloodCare donor center or blood drive. Find a donation location near you.

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