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There is a critical need for O positive blood. Schedule now.

Carter BloodCare urges Texans to donate now to help Americans in need during emergencies

Blood center is on call Jan. 30 – Feb. 5 with the Blood Emergency Readiness Corps

BEDFORD, TEXAS – Jan. 26, 2023 – As part of its founding role in the Blood Emergency Readiness Corps (BERC), Carter BloodCare is on call Jan. 30 – Feb. 5 to assist with U.S. emergency blood needs.

BERC is a group of more than 30 blood centers across the United States. BERC partners assist in the event of mass shootings, natural disasters and large-scale emergencies that may deplete an impacted community’s blood supply.

When emergencies happen, a readily available blood supply is crucial

Centers participate on a rotating cycle every three weeks. Units of blood are proactively collected to build a readily available reserve for use during critical need events.  However, if BERC is not activated, the units return to the supply of the blood center that collected them during its on-call week. This ensures collected blood efficiently supports patients in need of transfusions.

In an emergency, units of blood that have already been donated, processed and available are the ones that make a lifesaving difference when every second counts.

Blood is needed 24/7

There is a nonstop need for available blood, especially type O negative. As the universal blood type, O negative can be used to treat any patient, regardless of individual blood type. It is also the only type used to help premature and unborn babies.

Eligible donors throughout North, Central and East Texas are urged to give at a Carter BloodCare donor center or mobile blood drive. Plus, it takes less than an hour to donate to save lives.

As a thank-you for giving, through Feb. 28, each Carter BloodCare donor will receive a new quarter-zip pullover. This special incentive is available in sizes M – 3XL, while supplies last.

To find a nearby Carter BloodCare donation location, visit or call 800-366-2834.

quarter zip pullover

Additional U.S. blood centers and BERC partners on call with Carter BloodCare this week are:

The Blood Center

The Blood Connection

The Community Blood Center

Community Blood Center of the Ozarks

LifeServe Blood Center

Miller-Keystone Blood Center

Rock River Valley Blood Center

SunCoast Blood Centers


About Carter BloodCare

Carter BloodCare is an independent, community blood center providing transfusion resources to more than 200 medical facilities in 50-plus counties of North, Central and East Texas. The nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is one of the largest blood programs in Texas, delivering more than 440,000 blood products annually to meet hospitals’ requirements for their patients. Services include collection, processing, specialized laboratory testing, storage and distribution of blood and blood products.

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