Give for Texans – Marianna’s Story

“Transfusions kept me alive”

Marianna De Leon of Denton shared how Carter BloodCare donors supported her during a health crisis:

“In February 2020, days after my 21st birthday, I was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia and PNH, two life-threatening diseases that cause bone marrow failure.

I was admitted to the ICU where I received my first blood transfusions. I was told I needed a bone marrow transplant, which was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For several months, I survived off multiple blood transfusions. Even when I was finally admitted to the hospital to receive my bone marrow transplant, I received transfusions.

The feeling of life and peace as the donated blood flowed into me was like no other. I smiled during my very first transfusion when my family and medical team remarked how my skin and lips regained their color, and I realized I could sit up without feeling faint and extremely ill.

As I recovered from my bone marrow transplant, I unfortunately was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia and a rare blood cancer, PTLD.

Though these were devastating and unexpected bumps in the road, blood transfusions saved me and kept me going until I was finally in remission.

I cannot thank donors enough for the gift of life through their blood donations.

Transfusions kept me alive through multiple crises. I am grateful to be alive and in much better shape today.”

It takes less than an hour to donate blood to help local patients like Marianna. Make time to donate by calling Carter BloodCare at 800-366-2834.

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