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Give for Texans – McKenzie’s Story

Donors are the difference in battle against childhood cancer

Tiffany Covert of Woodway, Texas recalled the significance of blood and platelet transfusions as her daughter McKenzie fought childhood cancer:

“On Sept. 25, 2015, at the age of 3, our daughter McKenzie was diagnosed with Standard-Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Early in treatment, she was moved into the high-risk category because she did not go into remission. Being high risk meant more intense chemotherapy and more hospital stays.

Treatment continued through January 2018. It included oral, IV and spinal chemotherapy, steroids, many clinic visits and hospital stays, and antibiotics and IVIG infusions to help boost her immune system.

In addition, blood and platelet transfusions played a huge part in her treatment. She received many blood and platelet transfusions because the chemotherapy drugs decreased her blood and platelet counts. Without these transfusions, chemotherapy would not have been able to continue and she would not be where she is today.

She is now a healthy, smart, active, sassy, beautiful 12-year-old. She loves playing soccer, making TikTok videos and knows way more about skin care products than I do.

My husband Jeff and I were Carter BloodCare blood donors before McKenzie’s diagnosis, but we donate much more frequently now that we have seen the impacts of donation firsthand.

We are forever grateful to those who donate. You are truly saving lives.”

Donate at a Carter BloodCare donor center or mobile blood drive to help local patients.

If you have ever received blood or platelets, your transfusion experience can motivate others to donate. Please Tell Us Your Story.