“When your family is on the receiving side …”

In this personal story, longtime Carter BloodCare donor Susan Turner of Carrollton shares how the importance of blood donation struck home for her family:

“I have given 10 gallons over the years. I give and make my appointment on the same day. I am O negative, one always asked for in emergencies. I know I will make a difference in someone’s life when I donate and that is why I give.

But, my eyes and heart were opened recently to the real importance of taking this relatively short time out of my day to donate every three months.

My youngest son had been admitted to the hospital. His blood count was 2% of what it was supposed to be; he had felt tired for about a month but didn’t think anything about it at the time. Now we know why.

He needed two transfusions and, after making sure he tolerated them, they sent him home. They had not found any reasons for his loss of blood, so they decided to schedule an endoscope and a colonoscopy.

Three days later, he was back in the hospital for two more transfusions and was still three days from his scheduled tests. The day before the tests, he received his fifth transfusion, five within a week.

Photo of blood donor Susan Turner and her son Andrew

<<< Susan Turner and son Andrew

He is not a baby, but he is “my” baby. I prayed for guidance for the doctors and nurses, and I prayed for those who donated the blood making a difference in my baby’s life.

I thanked God for their gift to my son and for all the people who worked at the blood centers who were able to give this gift to my son.

I can tell you from personal experience that you are an answer to many prayers. As of now, my son is being treated with medication for a parasite. They thought he might have a rare blood disease, but we are praising God he doesn’t.

If you are a recipient of a transfusion or a family member, I can tell you I know what you are going through and I will never give blood the same ever again.

When your family is on the receiving side, this experience has made taking just 30 minutes out of my day to donate blood have a whole new meaning.

As I gave blood last week and will in the future, I will always think about and pray for the person and the family who will receive it. I said a prayer for their mama, their daddy, their sister or brother, and their friends who worry about them, those who love the recipient just like I love my son.

I will never know who they are, but God will. I am grateful to be privileged to touch their lives in this way. 

Thank you to the donors and to everyone at Carter BloodCare for what you do. Thank you to all the people at the donor centers, buses, office staff, techs who test the blood to ensure it is safe, the maintenance and cleaning crews, and anyone else who has a part in getting our blood to the individuals who need it.

You make a difference to a child, a teenager, an adult, and a family somewhere. We are thankful for you!”