Donating blood in Mansfield

Throughout 2024, we’re featuring each of our donor centers and what makes them unique. In February, we’re featuring our Mansfield Donor Center.

Each Carter BloodCare donor center has its own unique donors and stories. One thing that is typical, however, is the level of care and dedication of the staff at each center. Evonda Roddy, site supervisor of the Mansfield Donor Center, puts that eloquently.

“We provide our donors with more than just excellent customer service,” Roddy said. “We strive to make donors feel like family. We let them know how much we appreciate them.”

Perhaps the best example of this is demonstrated through a story of a regular platelet donor. The staff at Mansfield knew a particular platelet donor was about to cross the 100 gallons donated threshold and decorated her donor bed to celebrate the monumental occasion. Things like that are the reason Mansfield has so many consistent donors; the staff routinely goes above and beyond to make sure donors feel appreciated.

Sherry H. is another loyal donor that the staff “loves to pieces” and often brings family with her to donate when she’s called upon to schedule an appointment.

The Mansfield Donor Center team loves holidays, and the center staff decorates for each holiday on the calendar. One Christmas, two donors dressed as Santa and the Grinch came in during a marathon donation event; the festive pair took pictures with the staff and donors throughout the marathon following their donations.

Roddy said the dedication to holiday decorating comes from wanting each donor to feel loved and needed when they visit.

Blood donors are heroes, and often feel motivated to donate when they feel appreciated. Logan J. stops by to donate “at the drop of a hat.” Kenneth C. brings Chick-fil-A drinks for the staff each time he donates. Sandra Y. has developed a reputation with the staff as “the Cheetos lady.” These are the stories of just some of the people who are loyal donors in Mansfield.

The effort, attention to detail and passion of the staff at Mansfield is evident in the stories of donors who routinely stop by to donate. The staff does a great job of making donors feel celebrated because donors make a lifesaving difference, and that’s always worth celebrating.

Join loyal donors like Logan, Kenneth, Charles and so many more that visit Carter BloodCare’s Mansfield Donor Center each year by scheduling an appointment today.


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