Donating blood in Hurst-Euless-Bedford (HEB)

Throughout 2024, we’re featuring each of Carter BloodCare’s donor centers and what makes them unique. The second feature focuses on our Hurst-Euless-Bedford Donor Center, serving the Mid-Cities in North Texas. Visit our blog page to read past donor center features.

Employees are at the heart of every donor center, and customer service is a core component of each. HEB employees get a unique opportunity to work at the donor center located closest to Carter BloodCare headquarters, less than two miles away. This means the team of nine employees often helps train incoming phlebotomists, according to Site Supervisor Tammy Morgan.

“We make every attempt to create an atmosphere for the incoming team members to obtain quality training,” Morgan said. “We provide quality customer service to our donors from the moment they walk in with a welcome. Our staff is phenomenal with being able to monitor the space around them while still being able to get work done.”

The welcoming environment provided at the HEB Donor Center leads many donors to become regulars. Some of them even have a favorite phlebotomist, said Morgan, and the culture at the HEB Donor Center has fostered a sense of community.

“They are faithful in returning to our center,” Morgan said. “We laugh, talk, share ideas, watch movies and game shows, share recipes and good reads together.”

The culture centered around customer service brings in unique donors as well, including a holly jolly mystery man.

“Every year, we have our own personal Santa Claus that comes in to donate,” Morgan said. “He rides in on his Harley Davidson, passes out candy to all the donors and staff members, donates a whole unit of blood, and then leaves.”

While staff know and verify his identity when he checks in, his otherwise mysterious persona exemplifies the spirit of holiday giving, the same spirit embodied by the staff at the HEB location. They inspire their donors, like their mystery Santa, which makes for an effective donor center. It’s a trait donors can expect to find mirrored in the same level of hospitality, friendliness and customer service across Carter BloodCare locations.

Join HEB’s mystery Santa Claus and hundreds of other loyal donors by scheduling an appointment at the Carter BloodCare HEB Donor Center today.


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