Give for Texans – Sherry’s Story

Sherry Chenault

Sharing gratitude as a donor and transfusion recipient

Sherry Chenault understands the importance of blood donation as both a donor and a recipient.

The Irving resident said donating has become a renewed mission for her, recognizing first-hand that donors are lifesavers.

Sherry took a moment to share what drives her to help others as a Carter BloodCare donor:

“I’ve given blood off and on for years. I even tried giving platelets because I have a high platelet count.

I’ve been given someone else’s blood twice, once for my hysterectomy and once for an eight-hour back surgery.

I have realized that giving just every now and then isn’t enough. I need to give more often than I do. I’m 68 years old and – as long as I can give and providing I’m healthy enough – I will be giving more often.

These stories I have read [from transfusion recipients] really touched my heart. My blood may have even been used by any of them. God bless the donor facilities and the people who keep in the know-how to accept donors’ blood. They are very special people.”

The need is nonstop for blood, platelets and plasma. Follow Sherry’s lead and make a lifesaving difference for neighbors in need: Donate at a Carter BloodCare donor center or mobile blood drive near you, or call 800-366-2834 today.