Give for Texans – Cynthia’s story

Transfusion recipient Cynthia Banks

Health crisis leads to new outlook on blood donation

When Cynthia Banks visited her doctor for suspected thyroid issues, the unexpected diagnosis led her on a critical health journey.

Medical tests found no thyroid conditions, but a CT scan confirmed a benign cerebral meningioma, a tumor that develops from the membrane covering the brain.

Two weeks before scheduled surgery, her doctor shared more news: Cynthia also had a brain aneurysm.

“He explained I was a miracle patient; had they discovered the aneurysm during surgery, I would have died, since it was in the path to remove the tumor,” Cynthia said.

Four months after successful aneurysm surgery, Cynthia underwent the operation to remove her brain tumor. Three weeks later, complications required emergency surgery with more units of transfused blood and platelets.

“I had never given blood before in my life,” Cynthia said. “But [a donor] made a different decision and saved my life.”

With family support, Cynthia continued her journey toward recovery and a fresh perspective on blood donors.

“Your actions changed my life and changed my thoughts about giving blood,” she said. “I want to save somebody’s life like you saved mine, so I will give blood and I will have blood drives.”

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