Give for Texans – Claudia’s Story

Claudia Fulbright recipient

From donor to recipient in a medical emergency 

Like many donors, Claudia Fulbright had not pictured herself receiving instead of giving blood.

“This just goes to show one never knows what the future brings and how quickly it arrives,” she said.

Last fall, Claudia told her doctor about weeklong symptoms that turned out to be life-threatening gastrointestinal bleeding. She was told to go to the emergency room immediately. From her home in Wolfe City, Texas, about 17 miles north of Greenville, Claudia presented to the ER in Greenville, where doctor and staff were waiting.

“Upon my arrival, three units of blood were administered before I left the emergency room. Two days later, two more units were dripping and yet another a day after that, a total of six units of blood,” she recalled. “Little did I know I was such a walking zombie.”

Claudia spent three weeks in the hospital as the medical team isolated and resolved the source of internal bleeding. Since that time, she has had no recurrence of symptoms.

The experience gave her an in-depth appreciation of blood donation.

“I’d want to personally thank all six of the donors for their unselfish donation of life. I’m doing a lot better thanks to each of you. This literally saved my life,” Claudia said. “A blood donor is an unselfish, compassionate person that provides life to a stranger such as myself,” she said. “God’s blessings of good health for each of you in your time of generosity.”

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