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Veronica Moore named to list of inspirational Latina leaders

Carter BloodCare Chief Administrative Officer Veronica Moore has been named to the “100 Latinas for 2024” list in Latino Leaders magazine.

The annual ranking recognizes and celebrates Latina leaders who are blazing new trails in their communities and areas of expertise.

Moore is featured on pg. 26 of the March-April 2024 edition of Latino Leaders magazine.

Carter BloodCare executive Veronica Moore

“As a Latina leader,
I embrace the beauty of my Hispanic heritage
and aspire to show my community
that the power to create change
is within each of us.”

Veronica Moore
Carter BloodCare Chief Administrative Officer

With a background and leadership roles in transfusion medicine, Moore joined Carter BloodCare in 2008 as hospital relations manager. In 2009, she was promoted to director of hospital relations.

Moore received her Master of Business Administration from TWU in 2011 and was promoted to Carter BloodCare’s vice president of organizational relations in 2020.

Two years later, she became vice president of marketing and operations support, with executive oversight for client relations, marketing and communications, fleet and facility management, donor recruitment, regional operations, data analytics, and community outreach.

In her current leadership role as chief administrative officer for the nonprofit blood center, Moore also actively works to raise awareness and educate the community about the importance of diversity in the blood supply.

Donor diversity recognizes blood donors that represent a broad spectrum of age, gender, race and ethnic backgrounds, and blood types. Donor diversity in race and ethnic backgrounds is important because transfusion patients also have equally diverse inheritance. Since blood type is inherited from our parents, the optimal blood match for a patient receiving frequent transfusions comes from a donor whose heritage is similar.