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Donating blood in Longview

Throughout 2024, we’re featuring each of our donor centers and what makes them unique. In April, we’re featuring our Longview Donor Center.

The Longview Donor Center provides lifesaving blood to East Texans in need and is one of two Carter BloodCare Donor Centers located in East Texas.

Site Supervisor Laura Browning describes the Longview Donor Center as a welcoming, tight-knit community. Browning said, “There are only four of us that work at the donor center. We all get along very well and donors love coming to see us.”

Like every donor center, Longview has plenty of regular donors. Browning said platelet donors are always great about scheduling appointments in advance and committing to a donation schedule. That includes James M., who donates platelets every two weeks, rides his motorcycle to the center and sings songs for the staff.

According to Browning, another longtime donor saves up all his donor appreciation gifts – such as blankets, umbrellas, shirts and more – and gives them away to homeless shelters and foster homes.

The character and attitude of the staff inspire donors to become regulars, Browning said. This leads to unique stories inspired by a unique center.

“Our center is unique because of the rapport we have with donors and with each other,” Browning said. “Donors enjoy that we always joke around with them and keep them entertained while they donate blood.”

The personal approach of the staff is fitting of the culture in East Texas. Browning said donors enjoy that “we pick up conversations from their last visit” and that the staff “knows something about pretty much every donor that comes through the door.” She describes the center as “one big ol’ family” and that aspect attracts plenty of donors.

Join donors like James and many more who visit Carter BloodCare’s Longview Donor Center each year by scheduling an appointment today.


Carter BloodCare
Longview Donor Center
3080 N. Eastman
Suite 112
Longview, TX 75605