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Donating blood in Allen

Throughout 2024, we’re featuring each of our donor centers and what makes them unique. In March, we’re featuring our Allen Donor Center.

Nestled in the diverse suburbs of Northern Dallas is the community of Allen, which has a donor center fitting for its demographics.

According to Site Supervisor Shirley Jones, staff members at the Allen Donor Center speak multiple languages – including Samoan, Bengali, Hindi and Korean, among others – to accommodate a diverse donor base.

The staff also warmly accommodates donors who may be running late for their appointments or donors who show up at closing time. The staff understands the value of each donor and the impact of each donation. Their dedication to saving lives by making transfusion possible is often reflected in the donor base, which has several longtime donors.

One of these donors is Stevie M., a teacher at the local high school. Stevie has donated 44 gallons of platelets in his life and donates every two weeks. He also collects cardboard boxes from the center so his students can practice 3D cutting.

Another loyal donor, Dale K., says he’ll donate until he can’t anymore. Dale is at 161 gallons donated and counting, and he has his appointments booked out through the end of the year. Kenneth M. has been donating with Carter BloodCare since 1973, and he makes sure to bring donuts for the staff members each time he donates. Each center has its own unique donors and Allen is no exception.

Similar to some donors at the Hulen Donor Center[HM1] , there is a group of donors who schedule appointments at the Allen Donor Center every other Sunday to show up, donate, and educate fellow donors. According to Jones, “they convert and educate the whole blood donors on the importance of blood donation, especially donating platelets.” Jones said they’re a fun bunch of individuals that “light the place up” and the staff look forward to seeing them.

The diverse, welcoming staff at Allen make it easy for donors to want to return to continue making a difference for Texans. The community-oriented approach has attracted a community-oriented donor base, such as Stevie, who uses boxes from the donor center for his students, or Kenneth, who brings donuts for the staff. It’s that community-oriented approach that makes the Allen Donor Center a successful one.

Join loyal donors like Stevie, Dale, Kenneth and so many more! Visit Carter BloodCare’s Allen Donor Center each year by scheduling an appointment today.


Carter BloodCare
Allen Donor Center
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Allen, TX 75013