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Donating blood at Hulen in Fort Worth

Throughout 2024, we’re featuring each of our donor centers and what makes them unique. In March, we’re featuring our Hulen Donor Center.

The Hulen Donor Center is tailored to fit the community it serves. In the middle of densely populated South Fort Worth, this donor center has nine beds to support a loyal donor base who inspire festivity, a sense of community and a responsibility to take care of one another.

Most donor centers have something unique about them, and Hulen is no exception. Though most places might pack up the Christmas tree in January, the Hulen Donor Center leaves its Christmas tree up year-round, redecorating it for each season. According to Site Supervisor John Olanipekun, this decision was inspired by the loyal and passionate donors that visit the center year-round.

Hulen has several regular donors, including some who have contributed to saving thousands of lives. Walter B. served in the Marines for more than 30 years. His serving spirit goes beyond his days as a Marine fighter pilot. Walter has donated 106 gallons of platelets in his life, adding up to more than 800 platelet donations. It’s safe to say Walter has impacted more than a thousand lives – and that’s in addition to his service in our military.

Similarly, Lonnie Y. has donated 107 gallons of platelets in his life. Stephen S. is at the 144-gallon mark for platelet donations. There are several more just shy of the 100-gallon milestone. With so many loyal donors, lives are saved starting at the Hulen Donor Center every day.

As is the case at many donor centers, the kindness and welcoming spirit of the staff oftentimes inspires donors. For example, Bruce C. was converted from a whole blood donor to a platelet donor by the staff. Bruce was inspired by the kindness and passion of the staff, and he now helps convert other prospective platelet donors with the same kindness and passion displayed to him.

The key to success at Hulen is a passionate staff willing to assist donors and create a fun, welcoming environment to make those donors feel special. This is important because donors are special, and together, we save lives by making transfusion possible.

Join loyal donors like Walter, Lonnie, Bruce and so many more that visit Carter BloodCare’s Hulen Donor Center each year by scheduling an appointment today.


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