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Twin transfusions before the age of 2 months

Kathleen Brogan of Greenville shares how blood donation has affected her family:

“I started donating in my teenage years and tried to donate on a somewhat regular basis, since I’m considered a universal donor: O negative and CMV negative.

Donating blood brought on a whole new meaning after my newborn seventh grandchild had to receive two lifesaving blood transfusions before the age of 2 months old.

My grandson has an identical twin brother. Twin-to-twin transfusion was taking place; inside the womb, my seventh grandchild was the ‘donor’ and pumping most of his blood to his twin brother.

Both boys were born early, at 35 weeks, and are now on the road to a healthy life.

I firmly believe the lifesaving blood transfusions he received was a gift, from a blood donor like myself, and I want to give that wonderful blood donation gift to another.”

Photo of newborn twins holding hands

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