Donating blood in Flower Mound

Throughout 2024, we’re featuring each of our donor centers and what makes them unique. In February, we’re featuring our Flower Mound Donor Center.

At the corner of Flower Mound Road and Long Prairie Road, Carter BloodCare’s Flower Mound Donor Center is home to a welcoming staff that serves a large community of loyal donors.

According to site coordinator Tina Johnson, the thing that makes Flower Mound such a successful donor center is a diverse staff that is always friendly and welcoming to their amazing donors. The welcoming staff motivates donors to come back, as evidenced by the nearly 10,000 units of blood the center collects each year.

“We have several families that donate together,” Johnson said. “We have all worked hard, as a staff, to build a lasting rapport with our donors. We work tirelessly to take care of our donors and we all believe in what we do.”

Some of those regular donors have done extraordinary things. Johnson said one donor, Walter, has donated more than 100 gallons of platelets in his lifetime. For reference, that means Walter has made more than 800 platelet donations in his life, which has helped more than 1,000 patients in need.

Join loyal donors like Walter and many more that visit Carter BloodCare’s Flower Mound Donor Center each year by scheduling an appointment today.


Carter BloodCare
Flower Mound Donor Center
2601 Flower Mound Rd.
Flower Mound, TX 75028

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