2024 National Blood Donor Month

Our mission at Carter BloodCare is “we save lives by making transfusion possible.” Of course, transfusion would be impossible without you, the donor. That means, in many ways, you share our mission with us. Together, we’re all dedicated to saving lives and ensuring our communities have a healthy blood supply.

January is National Blood Donor Month. For every day in January, we have a reason we love you, the donor, for saving lives in our communities. Your impact is most reflected in our recipient stories, a few of which you can read below.

We love donors for many reasons; here are 31 of our favorites. Happy National Blood Donor Month!

  1. Because you’re generous with your time
  2. Because you’re our neighbor
  3. Because you donate for kids like Lincoln
  4. Because you’re bloody fantastic
  5. Because you’re dedicated to donating
  6. Because you have great veins
  7. Because you’re willing to serve your community in a unique way
  8. Because you donate for kids like Daniel
  9. Because you’re just our type
  10. Because you demonstrate commitment to a great cause
  11. Because you have compassion for your community
  12. Because you donate for patients like Kirk
  13. Because you help keep the Nutter Butter supply and demand balanced
  14. Because you care deeply about your neighbors, even if you’ve never met
  15. Because you play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and stable blood supply for our healthcare system
  16. Because we appreciate your sibling rivalry
  17. Because you donate for patients like Lindsay
  18. Because you Give For Texans
  19. Because you’re an unsung hero for those who need blood transfusions to live
  20. Because you donate for kids like Ezekiel
  21. Because you demonstrate a strong sense of community
  22. Because you lend an arm to help
  23. Because you donate for patients like Heather
  24. Because of the heart you have for others
  25. Because you’re our friend
  26. Because you look great in a blue Coban arm wrap
  27. Because you’re a lifesaver
  28. Because you foster a sense of unity and shared purpose with our community
  29. Because you donate for patients like Hunter
  30. Because without you, our donor banquets would just be banquets
  31. Because you selflessly donate blood to help others