Organize A Blood Drive

Do It For Others
Every day, close to 800 patients in North, Central and East Texas require timely blood transfusions. The majority of this blood comes from blood drives organized by groups like yours. When you organize a blood drive, you give patients in our community a second chance at life or better health.

Do It For Yourself
Giving blood is also a great way for donors to learn vital information about their own health. A free mini-physical is given at the time of donation, which includes a screening of blood pressure, pulse, temperature and iron levels. Blood donors can also check their cholesterol level within days following donation.

Start Planning Now
Just give us a call and one of our consultants will walk you through planning and executing your blood drive. We'll give you all the promotional materials you need for a turnkey blood drive that meets the strict safety guidelines of the FDA. So call us at 817-412-5384 or email us today and start planning the event that's good for you and good for patients in your community!

Keys to a Successful Blood Drive
If you're interested in organizing a blood drive, here are a few keys to successful planning:
  • Call Carter BloodCare to begin planning early
  • Set reasonable goals
  • When you have questions, call Carter BloodCare
  • Involve group leadership and organize a blood drive committee
  • Start active promotions two to four weeks before drive day
  • Recruit blood donors personally
  • Ask donors to schedule appointments
  • Remind donors of their appointments
  • Remember to say "thank you" to donors, sponsors and committee members
  • After the drive, evaluate your success
Donate for the chance to win! Donate for the chance to win.
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