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Give for Texans – Lauren’s Story

Lauren McCrary

Blood donors are key allies in fight against cancer

More than 25% of the U.S. blood supply is used to help patients battling cancer.

With nearly 2 million people diagnosed with a new cancer each year, many need blood and platelets during their treatments. Transfusions may be required due to anemia, low blood counts from chemotherapy or radiation treatments, or blood loss during surgery.

Lauren McCrary from Fort Worth shared her story on the necessity of donors in this vital fight:

“As a leukemia and bone marrow transplant survivor, I know firsthand how important it is for blood and platelets to be on the shelf.

Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). After a tough battle and many chemo, blood and platelet transfusions along the way, I received a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor.

For the first year after my transplant, we could write to each other through the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) donor center. I nicknamed him Hercules, because he is my hero and saved my life. Finally, I was able to meet him; he’s a firefighter from Seattle.

In 2012, I took on the role of blood drive coordinator at Castleberry High School. This is in addition to my duties as library aide and student council adviser.

My students and I actively encourage all students, faculty, staff and community members to donate whole blood and, if possible, plasma, red cells and platelets.

Castleberry High has collected more than 1,000 units for the community blood supply.

In the summer, I also volunteer at the Texas Rangers blood drives in Arlington, hosted by Carter BloodCare.

These are ways for me to pay forward the lifesaving generosity that I was so lucky to receive.”

You can make a lifesaving difference by donating at a Carter BloodCare donor center or mobile blood drive near you. Help patients in need by calling 800-366-2834 today.

Your experience as a Carter BloodCare donor or transfusion recipient can save lives by motivating others to donate. Please share your experience and Tell Us Your Story.