Donating blood in Weatherford

Throughout 2024, we’re featuring each of our donor centers and what makes them unique. In May, we’re featuring our Weatherford Donor Center.

The Weatherford Donor Center is conveniently located right off Interstate 20. It provides a blood donation home for the nearly 45,000 residents of Weatherford, Aledo and surrounding areas—and sometimes beyond.

Weatherford is a unique center partially because it is Carter BloodCare’s westernmost location. As Site Supervisor Genesis Amaya-Reyes puts it, “we’re the best from the west!” Donors typically hail from the western Fort Worth area, but some donors travel from farther out. According to Amaya-Reyes, a group of regular donors will make the two-hour drive from Abilene to donate blood.

The Abilene group isn’t the only unique story at Weatherford. Father-daughter duo Travis and MaKayla donate together as a way of spending quality time together. Combined, they’ve donated 25 gallons and most of their donations are platelets. Travis and MaKayla are emblematic of the staff at Weatherford. While they bond through donating blood to give back to their community, the staff at Weatherford are mission-driven and are much like a family themselves. The family-like atmosphere helps attract new donors.

Speaking of family, that’s exactly Robert G.’s motivation. During a difficult hospital stay, hospital staff had Robert donate blood for his mother. He’s now donated 88 gallons in his lifetime, with his mother as his inspiration. He says the southern hospitality at the Weatherford Donor Center is something he looks forward to each time he visits.

Perhaps the best donor story is the dedication shown by Rebekah W, who works the night shift at a local grocery store. “She comes straight after work and will wait an hour before we open to donate platelets,” Amaya-Reyes said. “She’s donated 48 gallons with us and she constantly blesses our center with her homemade desserts and gifts for Christmas.”

Join loyal donors like Travis, MaKayla, Rebekah and many others who visit Carter BloodCare’s Weatherford Donor Center each year by scheduling an appointment today.


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