Donating blood in Plano

Throughout 2024, we’re featuring each of our donor centers and what makes them unique. In May, we’re featuring our Plano Donor Center.

Located in the heart of Plano at the corner of Parker Road and Ohio Drive, the Plano Donor Center serves Plano’s nearly 300,000 residents. It is also the donor center closest to The Colony and southern parts of Frisco.

With such a large population to serve, the Plano Donor Center has no shortage of consistent donors and unique donor stories. According to Site Supervisor Shawanda Barnes Byrd, the warm and welcoming staff is another factor in the center’s success.

“Our center is great because of the positive and warm atmosphere of our staff,” Barnes Byrd said. “We are focused and engaged on customer service to give donors the best quality of care while we are saving lives by putting blood on the shelves. Our staff is always going the extra mile to save lives.”

The emphasis the staff places on customer service is reflected in the actions of many of the longtime donors. For example, Barnes Byrd said Janet W. brings cookies and other treats for the staff each time she stops by to donate. Raymont W. loves playing card games and spending time with the staff.

Many donors have developed a relationship with the staff as well. Barnes Byrd says Lynette Schwarz has a new, interesting story to tell the staff each time she donates. Barnes Byrd, off the top of her head, was able to name 18 donors who regularly stop by to give blood.

The staff at the Plano Donor Center loves seeing their regular donors and loves to establish relationships with each donor who visits the center. According to Barnes Byrd, “our donors are why we enjoy what we do.”

Join loyal donors like Janet, Raymont, Lynette and many others who visit Carter BloodCare’s Plano Donor Center each year by scheduling an appointment today.


Carter BloodCare
Plano Donor Center
4071 W. Parker Rd
Plano, TX 75093