ADRP honors Carter BloodCare award winners

Jeni and CBC Staff at ADRP
From L to R: Stephanie Jardot, Carter BloodCare Consultant; Jeni Carbone-Williams, Copperas Cove High School Health Science Teacher; Vickie Carpenter, Carter BloodCare Manager of Mobile Donor Recruitment; Clint McCoy, Director of Mobile Donor Recruitment & Regional Operations

At its annual conference, the Association for Blood Donor Professionals (ADRP) celebrated one of Carter BloodCare’s top community blood advocates.

Jeni Carbone-Williams with Copperas Cove High School received ADRP’s 2023 award for School Partner of the Year.

Jeni is a health science teacher and blood drive coordinator at the Central Texas high school. She is a licensed vocational nurse and winner of the 2023 VFW Teacher of the Year, Carter BloodCare Circle of Life, Texas A&M University Commitment to Culture Diversity, and TWC Alumni Torch awards.

She is also the Texas Health Occupations Association area 5 board member, raising awareness of the importance of high school blood drives.

In addition, Carter BloodCare’s Marketing team received first place for “Whole Display” in the 2023 ADRP Marketing Showcase awards. The team was honored for its engaging donor appeal campaigns, creatively using collateral that resonated and connected with audiences across several media.

Carter BloodCare’s Marketing Showcase Display