Why I donate: Dad sets platelet goal and strong example for his kids

When Rockwall resident Matt Sikes was introduced to donating blood by his wife, it sparked a life-changing inspiration.

“I quickly realized this was a way I could really make a lasting difference in my community,” he said.

In his own words, Matt shares what led him to become a consistent donor with Carter BloodCare:

Donor Matt Sikes
Carter BloodCare Donor Matt Sikes

“I’ve always been in good health and, as my friends and family have undergone health struggles through the years, a part of me felt I could use the blessing of my own good health to serve others.

My parents raised me to believe that it’s more blessed to give than to receive, so what better way to show love to my fellow Texans than to give platelets, which I do twice a month.

It also helps that I am close to the Rockwall Donor Center, which has some of the friendliest staff around. They do such a wonderful job of ensuring the safety and comfort of my donation experience, which makes it so easy to go back.

I have donated 12 times, mostly double platelets due to the need and my blood type. My goal is to max out at 24 donations in 2023.

One of the biggest reasons I donate is because of my young children. I really want to set an example for them. Being a Sikes means we’re active in our community, and we seek ways to show kindness and love to our neighbors.

They see me donate and know my short sacrifice of time will allow another dad to enjoy more time with his kids. Or, my donation might allow a kid to enjoy a healthy childhood, like what my kids get to enjoy.

Being a Carter BloodCare platelet donor is so much more to me than a volunteer opportunity. It’s a calling for me to bless and serve my Texan neighbors in a life-changing way.”

The need is nonstop for platelets, blood and plasma. Like Matt, you can make a lifesaving difference for neighbors in need by donating at a Carter BloodCare donor center or mobile blood drive near you, or call 800-366-2834 today.

Your experience as a Carter BloodCare donor or recipient can save lives by motivating others to donate. Please share your experience and Tell Us Your Story.