Logging in with a username and password


The options for logging in to your Carter BloodCare account changed on August 1, 2022. If you did not set up a username and password for your account, your log in information will default to two identifiers unique to you.


Your default username is your Donor ID number, a ten-character identifier starting with “DN” followed by eight digits. This number was emailed to the primary email account on file in July and may have been written on your most recent post-donation card.

If you do not know your donor ID but have an email on file, select “forgot username” below the login dialogue to have it emailed to your primary email address on file.

Otherwise, please contact customer service at (817) 412-5300.


Your pre-set password is a combination of your last name and date of birth as follows: LastnameMMDDYYYY. For example, someone with the last name Johnson born on September 1, 1994 would enter: Johnson09011994.

Tips: The first letter of the last name is capitalized. There are no slashes or dividers in the date. Please use all four numerals in the year. Add zeroes before months and days less than 10.

You will be prompted to change your password after your first successful log in to the new system. To personalize your username or change your password, log in and visit the “My Account” section of your donor account.

Here is a brief video tutorial on logging in with a default username and password.

Click here to read the transcript.

We’re here to help. To request your Donor ID or get other assistance, please call (817) 412-5300.