Style Guide and Brand Reference

Please reference this information for accuracy when writing or speaking about our organization, as well as when selecting images to support your stories.

The correct spelling of our brand name is two words, not three, with a capital C on Care.

  • Correct Example: Carter BloodCare
  •  Incorrect Examples: Carter Blood Care, Carterbloodcare, Carter Blood Center, Carter BloodCare Center

Avoid abbreviations of our brand name:

  • Carter, Carter Blood, Carterblood and CBC are all incorrect.

Refer to our web address in print or graphic treatments:

  • (no www)
  • (no www)

Avoid the use of a “red-cross-style” logo on Carter BloodCare news or advertising references. (The symbol is not universal for blood centers.)

  • Carter BloodCare’s logos, buses and blood bags have distinct looks. 
  • Other blood center logos and images are not acceptable when referencing news stories or advertisements about Carter BloodCare.
  • Video b-roll or file footage of other blood centers or blood drives, should not be substituted as ’generic’ footage for a story about Carter BloodCare.
  • B-roll file footage or photos of Carter BloodCare’s blood drives or other images, are not acceptable for use in stories that reference other blood programs.