The clinical apheresis department at Carter BloodCare can perform any of the following procedures with a physician’s order:

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Plasma Exchange supports neurology, nephrology, hematology and oncology patients. Both adult and pediatric service, including complex patients on other extracorporeal circuits like ECMO/CVVH, can be performed.

Extracorporeal Photopheresis

Photopheresis is a type of immunotherapy used to treat conditions involving skin. Conditions include cutaneous T cell lymphoma and selected cases of scleroderma, as well as solid organ rejection and graft versus host disease in stem cell transplant patients.

White Cell Reduction (Leukapheresis)/Leukocyte Depletion

Leukocyte Depletion is another highly specialized service that is used in the treatment of leukemia. Leukocyte Depletion can be performed as urgent or as planned, depending on each patient’s condition.

Red Cell Exchange/Reduction (Erythrocytapheresis)

Red Cell Exchange is used in the treatment of sickle cell disease, and can be helpful in the treatment of thalassemia and some cases of severe malaria. We provide specialized isovolemic hemodilution RBCx for adult and pediatric sickle cell disease patients.

Platelet Reduction (Plateletpheresis)

Platelet Depletion is used to remove excess platelets in rare diseases with dangerously high platelet counts.

Pediatric Procedures

Our staff of trained nurses provide therapeutic apheresis procedures at your facility via a mobile service. We work with your onsite physicians to write the orders. We do not provide onsite medical supervision; however, our physicians with expertise in clinical apheresis are available by phone for consultation. To facilitate this relationship, please contact our administration at 817-412-5158 to establish a contract. We will need to get staff credentialed in your facility if we have not worked there previously. If we already have a working relationship with you, call 972-788-0650 to schedule a procedure.

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