HPC-Apheresis and HPC-Marrow Processing

Each HPC product is routinely evaluated for ABO/Rh, total nucleated cell concentration, CD34 content, cell viability and microbial contamination. In addition, red cell compatibility and CD3 enumeration are performed on allogeneic products. Other evaluations are available upon request.
Depending on the type of graft, the following manipulations are available:

  • Plasma reduction
  • Manual and automated methods of buffy coat preparations
  • T-Cell Depletion
  • CD34 Selection
  • Donor Lymphocyte Infusion (DLI) cell dosing
  • Cryopreservation


Cryopreservation of HPC-A, HPC-M and mononuclear cell (MNC) products is performed using a controlled rate freezing method, which allows for long term storage of cells. The temperature of the cells is continuously monitored throughout the controlled rate freezing process. When the cells reach approximately -90°C, they are transferred into a liquid nitrogen storage freezer (colder than -150°C).


Storage and processing agreements must be in place before any product manipulation can take place. Agreements also allow for an annual storage fee to be applied for every year of storage. All cells are stored onsite in the secured Cellular Therapy Laboratory, which only can be accessed by authorized personnel. The liquid nitrogen storage freezers store cryopreserved cells in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen at -150°C or colder, while freshly collected liquid products are stored at room temperature in a validated room temperature cooler or in the validated laboratory refrigerator as needed. All storage devices are continuously monitored to maintain appropriate storage temperatures.

HPC-Cord Blood Receipt and Thawing

Once the transplant facility selects a cord blood unit as a match for a patient, the transplant facility coordinates shipment and delivery of the selected cord blood unit to the Cellular Therapy Laboratory at Carter BloodCare. Upon arrival, the identity and the integrity of the product get verified and it is placed into a liquid nitrogen storage freezer until the patient is ready for transplant.

On the day of transplant, the Cellular Therapy Laboratory will thaw the cord blood unit and prepare it for transplant per the transplant physician’s written order. Thawed cord blood units can either be directly infused, reconstituted, or washed and reconstituted to remove cryoprotectant and cellular debris prior to infusion.

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