Carter BloodCare Volunteer

A Carter BloodCare Volunteer
  • Is willing to volunteer a minimum of 24 hours annually
  • Supports Carter BloodCare Donor Centers, mobile programs or special events
  • Works to provide quality customer service to donors across multiple programs and blood center departments

Benefits to Being a Carter BloodCare Volunteer
  • You help save lives in your community
  • The hours are flexible to suit your schedule
  • You meet new people
  • You can develop your interpersonal communication skills
  • You receive Carter BloodCare's AboutLife magazine
  • You will be invited to an annual volunteer appreciation event after completing 24 volunteer hours
  • You increase your opportunities for work references and/or work experience

Volunteer Opportunities
Become a member of a lifesaving team. Click on one of the volunteer positions below to see a description.
Blood Drive Assistant
Purpose: Assist with recruiting donors for scheduled blood drives.
Refreshment Attendant
Purpose: Welcome donors to the refreshment area at mobile blood drives and donor centers.
Responsibility: Observe donors for reactions and serve light refreshments post-donation. At high schools, escort donors from bed to refreshment area, monitor donors for reactions and alert staff if necessary.
Office Projects
Purpose: Assist departments at the Bedford campus
Responsibilities: Filing, stuffing envelopes, folding T-shirts, assembling binders, creating spreadsheets, organizing storage areas, etc.
Health Fairs and Community Events
Purpose: Represent Carter BloodCare at Health Fairs and other community events by staffing information tables.
Responsibilities: Set up the Carter BloodCare booth, educate attendees about blood donation and the need for blood donors, and/or sign up donors for scheduled blood drives.
Carter BloodCare Events
Purpose: Help with the execution of community events and events sponsored by Carter BloodCare.
Responsibilities: Event set-up and tear down, packing supplies, guest registration, creating signage/nametags, directing guests/donors, customer service and other duties as needed.
Community Chamber Events
Purpose: Represent Carter BloodCare at local chamber networking events.
Responsibilities: Educate people about Carter BloodCare with provided talking points and encourage businesses to host a blood drive.
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